How to buy gold online: ‘It’s like a game’

A young woman from Delhi’s North Delhi district is set to become the first woman in India to buy a gold mine with her own money, after she found out how hard it is to buy.

The 18-year-old girl, who works at a jewellery in the city, said she had spent about $100,000 on her first investment and it has turned out to be the biggest gold mine in India.

“I am proud of the goldmine I have discovered and I am so thankful to my parents who gave me the opportunity to purchase it with their own money,” she told reporters.

The woman said she found it hard to buy jewellery and even though she was able to afford the mine at a fraction of the price, she did not realise how hard the process was.

“For example, if I was to purchase gold in bulk, I would have spent around $10,000.

But I found out that it was about $1,000 to $2,000,” she said.”

I went to a friend of mine who works in a jewellery shop and he said, ‘It is about Rs 1,200 per kilogram for a goldmine in Delhi’,” she said adding she found the cheapest price online.

The jewellery store employee also said that the biggest problem was that most jeweller’s are not trained enough and that even in India, there are only a handful of qualified people who can handle the job.

“We have only a few people that are certified.

There are only around 400 qualified jewellists who can do the job and they are all working at a very high rate of pay,” he said.

The girl, whose parents are from a different caste, also bought her first jewellery when she was still in school.

“My parents are not qualified in any way, so they are the ones who got me started.

Even though I was working at the jewellery stall for almost a year, I was able find the best price online,” she added.

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