How to Watch Out for ‘Silent Goldmine’: This Year’s ‘The Invisible’ Strategy for the Next Big Goldrush

The Invisible Goldmine Strategy, or SILK, is a new strategy for gold mining in South Africa, where the government has announced plans to mine about 5.5 million ounces of gold each year from the country’s huge mineral deposits.

The plan is part of the countrys $100 billion “Silent” Plan, a plan to mine an additional 100 billion ounces of precious metals over the next five years.

The SILK strategy is intended to be used by companies to boost their own value.

The strategy is aimed at increasing the value of the companies that have a large presence in South African mineral extraction and processing. 

In 2016, South Africa produced 7.6 million ounces, a rate of about 3.5 ounces per year.

But in 2017, that figure dropped to about 1.5 and now is down to 0.5.

In 2018, the SILK plan is aimed to produce 2.4 ounces per annum.

That is about a 20% drop from the previous year.

The SILK Strategy is not new.

Companies in the past have tried to boost revenue by mining large amounts of gold, but the SILKY plan aims to increase the value companies earn from mining and processing the minerals by more than 70%.

The plan was originally announced in 2016 by South Africa’s Minerals Minister, and was approved by the government’s National Gold and Mineral Planning Committee.

But that committee was disbanded in 2016, and the government put the plan into effect in September of this year.

The company is now seeking a court order to stop the plan from taking effect, and is also pursuing legal action against the government. 

South Africa’s mining industry is one of the biggest in the world, and it is estimated that more than 90% of the gold mined in the country comes from its mineral deposits, which are mostly in the Andean Basin in South America.

South Africa is one the top five producers of gold in the global mining industry, and its mining boom has brought about a surge in the price of the precious metal.

Gold prices have soared by about 30% this year, and South Africa has been on the forefront of the global gold rush.

In 2017, the South African government announced that it would increase its mineral extraction to a new rate of 5.6 ounces per day, which is a 7% increase from the current 5.4 ounce per day rate.

The government has said that it plans to increase its mining by about 25% a year.

It has also said that the plan will produce the country with about 50% of its total mineral resources by 2023, up from around 40% now.

South Africans are already the world’s largest gold producers, and many believe that the SILKS strategy will help them to achieve that goal.

In 2017, South African mining companies reported revenue of $10.4 billion, and their net profit was $3.7 billion.

That was up nearly 60% from 2016, according to South African Mining Association figures.

South African companies also produce more than 40% of global gold.

As part of its SILK initiative, the government announced a new program called the SILKE, or South African Exploration for Excellence, program.

The program is aimed primarily at companies that are producing mineral gold, which it hopes will be used to increase their profits.

The aim is to increase those profits by investing in mining projects, buying up assets from others and creating a diversified economy.

The Silks plan is also aimed at mining in remote areas, which many South Africans have been working to improve their lives, and are increasingly doing.

South Africa has a huge mineral wealth that the government believes is valuable.

Mining is estimated to be responsible for about half of South Africas total exports, according the country.

According to the SILKK plan, the mining industry has a goal of producing 1,000 tons of gold per day by 2026.

The countrys plan to increase that rate of production is estimated at about 10% a month, which means that by 2029, the country will have 1,250 tons of metal, and will have a gold reserve of 1.8 million tons.

According to the South Africa Mining Association, South Africans mining industry accounts for around 40%, and there are around 8,000 mines operating in the whole country.

Companies in the mining sector have been increasing their operations to boost the value they can earn from the minerals, and to diversify their portfolios.

For example, the companies in the platinum, gold and silver mining industry have been investing in new mines to increase production and diversify the mining portfolios.

South East Asia is also known for its gold production.

The Asian nation produces more than half of the worlds gold supply, and accounts for nearly half of its production.

As a result,

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