How to Make Your Own ‘Buckaroo Banzai’ Hat

What you’ll need to make a bongo banzai: A rubberband, scissors, a pair of scissors, and a small pair of earmuffs (depending on what you want to call it)The fun part is in the making of the hat!

First you need to find out how much yarn you need.

You’ll need about 8 pounds of yarn to make one.

If you need more yarn, make 2 or 3 more and buy extra.

You can also buy extra yarn, but I’ve found that if you need it, it’ll last longer and be more useful.

You also need a large-size darning needle.

Make a long and wide strip of yarn.

The longer the strip of fabric, the more difficult it will be to knit, which means you need a bit more time to knit.

You may also need to add a few extra stitches to make it easier to turn the fabric.

Once you’ve got a strip of your desired length, cut out your strips and place them on the back of your needle and pin them to the front of the needle.

You want them to be as long as possible so that you can sew the back together with a sewing needle.

If they’re too long, you may need to shorten them later.

This will help the hat come together better, so don’t be surprised if it’s a little more difficult to turn it later on.

You will need two rows of each of your yarns.

To make one, sew a loop of each yarn onto the first row and stitch it down.

Next, sew one loop of the next yarn to the first stitch and stitch the next loop over the next stitch.

This creates a triangle.

Now you can turn the strip to make two rows.

Pin the loops onto the ends of the strip.

Now sew the loops of your strips together.

The next time you sew, turn the strips and sew them down again.

Now, you have a nice triangle.

Use the darning pin to sew the strips together, as shown.

Now turn the hat inside out and stitch a little extra to make sure the pieces are nice and snug.

Cut the pieces of yarn out of the middle.

You need to cut the ends so that they’re just slightly longer than the end of the strips.

If the pieces aren’t exactly the same length, they will have to be cut into a different shape.

If it’s the case that the ends aren’t perfectly straight, you’ll have to trim them a little.

If your yarn is a little longer than your hat’s length, you can use a small needle to sew two pieces together and then pin them down.

This makes the hat bigger and therefore more practical.

Now that your hats are all made, you should be able to stitch them together.

Now it’s time to put them together and get them on a peg.

The trick to making a bong banzai is in how the peg is laid out.

It’s easiest to put your bong on a flat piece of wood and then use your needle to pry the peg off.

This is called a “spoke peg” and is also one of the easiest ways to make bongs.

If there’s a spoke peg on the table, you might want to use it to make an adjustable bong, which is another trick to make them more comfortable.

If not, you could just leave the peg out completely and use the straight edge of your knife to pierce it with your knife.

This method works best for beginners and is the one I’ve used most often.

It takes a little practice, but it works.

You’re ready to get started!

I hope you’ve found this guide useful!

If you have any questions about how to make your own bong or how to turn your bongs into a bongs, please let me know.

Happy Bong Making!

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