Watch Velvet Goldmine: The Electronic Goldmine (1958)

Golden Globe winner and The Golden Globe nominee Velvet Goldmines (1957) stars in this darkly comic drama set in the 1950s.

When her father (Thomas J. Pyle) dies, a young, aspiring actress (Julia Roberts) begins working for her father’s insurance company, but her life is about to change.

She is also about to be thrown in jail for stealing jewelry from a jewelry store.

The title comes from the fact that Goldminers, a woman who steals jewelry from the jewelry store, is a thief and thiefs.

The film, which premiered at Sundance, is based on a short story by writer and screenwriter John Huston (The Producers, “Marry Me”).

In it, Goldminer (Roberts) becomes involved with the business of a young thief named Jack O’Connor (John Hurt).

Goldmin is hired by O’Conner’s insurance agency to steal a watch that he has stolen from the jeweler.

But when Goldmin goes to jail, she finds herself in the clutches of the insurance company and is immediately cast into the criminal underworld.

This is the same underworld that is also home to the thief Jack O. (Jared Leto), a ruthless and murderous criminal who has been stealing watches from the Jewelers for a while.

Goldmin and O’Connell eventually team up to take on Jack, who turns out to be a member of a rival insurance company.

The pair steal a jeweler’s watch from an employee and steal the watch back.

In the meantime, Goldmine steals a diamond from a young woman named Lucy (Kate Winslet), and soon she finds a diamond she can use to start a diamond empire.

Written by  Devin Rigg