Why the #GoldMining Goldmine was a big story on ABC News last night

The #GoldMine was a major story on the ABC News evening news this morning. 

The #ABCNightlyNews did a segment on the GoldMine, which is the world’s largest gold mine in northern Queensland, which is being mined in a contiguous environment that is not under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. 

It’s a major news story and it was covered by ABC News, ABC TV and ABC Radio. 

On the #ABCMorningNews, host Julia Ioffe was talking about the importance of this issue, but she didn’t go into great detail about the mining company’s claims that they have no impact on water, air or soil quality. 

But when host Caroline Haines asked the #goldmine about the water pollution they are allegedly releasing into the environment, she gave a little background. 

“The mine is the largest of its kind in the world, but it is a very, very small mine,” she said. 

This mining company has no water to put it out of the water, she continued. 

And then the host Kelsey Gove asked if this water pollution could possibly be affecting the water quality in the area? 

“That is a really good question,” Ioffe said. 

Later on on ABC World News Tonight she did give more detail about what she heard from local people. 

“[The] water quality at the mine is really, really bad, and the groundwater in the region is very polluted, and it’s got a lot of fish and other wildlife that are dying,” Haines said before asking “What is this going to do to the local economy?” 

“There is no way to quantify the impact on the local community, and certainly we’re not going to get into that,” said Hains before reiterating the mining company claim that they are not releasing any pollutants into the groundwater. 

IOffe and Gove then talked about the federal government’s decision to revoke the licence to the mining company. 

They also discussed the decision to give the mining firm $5 million to move the site. 

Then Hains asked Hanson about the fact that the Federal Government is supposed to be “in charge” of mining and not local governments. 

She said that that was not true. 

As Hannity continued to ask Hassan about that fact, Haina said that Hancock was trying to “play the victim card” when he said, “He wants to put the mining corporation in the corner” and that “his only motivation” was to make money off of the mining company, according to Hancock. 

After Hanna said this, Gowrie tweeted that “Hannities statement was an attempt to make him look good. 

That’s just ridiculous. 

He’s playing the victim and that’s a shame.” 

Then  HANNITY greeted Gaines and Hussain who were also talking about Hancock before leaving Hilton and then taking a walk around the Mt Eden Valley. 

At Tasmania’s Tahoe Basin Mine, Gold Mining’s statement that the company has no impact on groundwater and water quality is not accurate.


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