‘Glad to see this gem’: Goldmine owner on the sale of his goldmine

Posted November 11, 2018 11:33:52A few weeks ago, the owner of the Goldmine in Melbourne’s western suburbs said he had a bit of a surprise when he found out the store had been sold.

“We were looking for an apartment and we were told it was in the building and not the other way around,” Mr Zapp said.

“I went to the property and I could see they had just put the unit on the market.”

It was a little bit of an eye opener, a bit more of a shock, I think, because I thought they’d sold it and moved on.

“Mr Zapp, who runs the store with his brother, said the sale had been an unexpected surprise.”

The first thing I thought of was, ‘where are they selling it now?'””

We haven’t looked at a new place in over two years.”

The first thing I thought of was, ‘where are they selling it now?’

“He said the store, which opened in December 2017, had been a favourite of his and his family, with customers buying up a large portion of the property.”

Our family is very happy and happy with it,” Mr S said.

He said he was excited about selling the store to a buyer and hoped the store could be refurbished and used for other uses.”

At the moment, it’s just sitting there in storage and hopefully we can get it used,” he added.

He said a few years ago the store was a favourite for local residents to visit and the family would sometimes sell out the building.”

There’s quite a bit going on there, so it’s a bit different now,” Mr R said.

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