What to expect at the upcoming Goldmine Brewery Demo in Chicago

Chicago, IL –(Ammoland.com)- The Goldmine Demo in the Big Apple is slated to be held at the Chicago Goldmine Resort and Casino on Saturday, October 17th.

The event will be a two day event and will be open to the public.

The event is open to all ages, with the only restriction being that it is a birthday party, not a birthday celebration.

The Goldmine demo will feature the most popular beers from the brewery, including a few rare and rare beers that are currently unavailable.

This includes the Goldmine Golden Ale, the Goldline Porter, the Silver and Gold, and the Silver Line Porter.

All of the beer is being released in 750mL bottles and the beer line will be stocked with the Gold Line Porter and the Goldn Line Porter, as well as the GoldLine Golden Ale.

There is also a limited number of beers that will be available at the event that were not available at Goldmine.

These include the Goldrush Porter, The Silver and the Blue Line Porter as well the SilverLine Golden IPA and the Golden Ale IPA.

For more information on the Gold Mine Demo, click here.