The Lego Movie: The Video Game Collection

The new LEGO movie is not the first movie to feature the use of video game technology.

In 2001, for example, a game called the Marvel Super Heroes League was released, featuring a game-like action-adventure mode in which players were given a team of Avengers-like heroes to help them battle villains.

But the most recent installment, Lego Movie, is set in a world where the film’s villain is a robot called the Dark Destroyer, and the heroes fight him in a game.

“We wanted to do something a little different,” said Paul Dini, the game’s designer, during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“We did a little bit of research and went, ‘Why not go for something that was a little more traditional?'”

Dini went on to say that the developers went back to their research and “saw the similarities.”

In Lego Movie 2, the villain, the Darklord, is voiced by Paul Bettany, who also played the villain in the original movie.

Lego Movie 3: The Beginning of the End, meanwhile, takes place 20 years after the first Lego Movie and stars Chris Pratt as a kid who becomes the Dark Lord of a new dystopian world.

It’s a far cry from the “realistic” CGI effects that helped make the first film so much fun.

So why does this new movie have a video game feel to it?

For starters, the Lego Movie is set within the same universe as the first one, and it has a similar premise: a boy named Owen (voiced by John Goodman) becomes a superhero when he gets stuck in a computer.

The main villain of the story is named The Darklord (voicing by Michael Caine), who wants to take over the world and turn it into his own.

He wants Owen to use his powers to take down Lego bricks, and he has Owen help him do so.

But Owen also has to fight his father, who is trying to stop him.

In the video game, the player takes on this role in the movie as well, with Owen fighting his dad, who has become a villain in his own film.

The Lego Movie also features a new villain named Klaw (voicemail) and a new antagonist, the Green Goblin (voice by John Leguizamo).

Both Klaw and the Goblin are voiced by Michael Keaton, who starred in the first LEGO movie as a young boy.

And the film also includes a new storyline in which Owen and the villain team up against a super-villain called Brick (voices by David Warner).

This time, though, the villains are robots.

In the video, the players have to rescue the villain’s kidnapped baby daughter, which they do by solving puzzles and battling other Lego characters, such as the robots called Mooks.

The story is set between the first two Lego movies, and there are a couple of new characters to interact with.

There’s the robot Princess Brick (who has been in the game since the first) and her new brother, a robot named Moo.

And there’s a robot that was voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played the character in the film, called the Green Hornet.

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