Why is the Gold Mining Industry so Lazy?

A GOLD BANDBAND has been forced to abandon a tour due to the “lack of funding” after they were accused of not paying their tour fees. 

The tour was due to be held in September but organisers have since cancelled the tour due to lack of funding.

The Goldmine Advertising Team had planned to play at the Goldmine Bar & Grill in Brisbane, but cancelled the show due to a lack of funds.

“We are all so disappointed at this decision,” Goldmine advertising manager and managing director Troy Loe said.

He said the Goldmine team had previously made $25,000 from their previous shows and had planned to raise that amount by playing at the Goldmine bar and grill.

“We were all hoping to play at the bar & grill,” Mr Loe told ABC Radio Brisbane.

However, Goldmine said that venue would not be open, despite the apparent lack of funding for the event. 

“We just wanted to go ahead with our tour and put a good show on the back of it,” Mr Tompkins said. 

Mr Loe also said the venue was on the Gold Coast, but there was no mention of it on the tour log. 

He said they had hoped to play in Brisbane and hoped to make it to the Brisbane Goldfields in the next few days.

Mr Loes group also said they had not been able to find the sponsor they needed to help cover the cost of the tour.

Goldmine has been accused of being unethical, and of having been peddling “illegal drugs to fund their scheme”. 

The Gold Mining Association of Queensland said it was appalled at what had happened.

CEO Tim Murray said it was the worst-case scenario for the business.

“The fact that they have decided to withdraw from their tour is just heartbreaking,” Mr Murray said.

“I have been in this business for more than 30 years and I can’t even begin to imagine what they’re going through.

It’s a huge tragedy for the Gold Mine community.

I can’t think of a better venue than Goldmine to have a show.”

The venue has not responded to a request for comment.

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