Goldmine trailheads are still open for a second year

Goldfields, Queensland – Goldfields Goldfields is a town in Queensland’s Goldfields region, and is the home of the Goldmine Trailhead.

Located just south of Townsville, the Goldfields Trailhead is a four kilometre long stretch of trailhead.

This is the first time in three years that the Goldfield Trailhead has been closed due to a lack of footpath infrastructure.

The trailhead is open from the late afternoon until late evening, but the closure has been in place since the weekend of October 26, 2017.

Goldfields residents have reported that it is a “massive” inconvenience, as many of the roadworks required to install the trail have been completed by the time the community gets to their homes.

The Goldfields National Park and Wildlife Park has been able to accommodate the construction of the trailhead by providing a “crowded” section of road for the footpath.

This is an important decision, but what are the impacts on the Gold Fields residents?

There are several impacts to the Goldfords residents, and the most significant impact is the increased risk of injury or death.

In the past, the trail has required extensive footpath work, and there is a significant risk of death on the trail.

However, the new design of the footway has also resulted in the need for additional footpath and roadworks.

A survey carried out by the Queensland Government found that about 75% of the respondents felt that the road would cause less injury and death than using the existing trail.

In addition, the current trail is being installed at a time when the Gold Fords have not experienced footpaths being built in the past.

The Goldfields area was hit hard by the Gold Mine disaster in the early 1990s, and has had to rebuild and rebuild again following that disaster.

What is the Goldstone Project?

The proposed Goldstone Trailhead in Goldfields.

Source: ABC News | Source: Queensland Government website While the new footpath has not yet been built, the Government has made it clear that it intends to construct the footbridge over the Goldfinger River at Goldfields Park, as part of a wider plan to improve the quality of footway infrastructure in the Goldpains.

The existing trail is expected to be replaced with a new trail by 2020, and a footbridge is also planned for the area.

Goldfields National Parks and Wildlife Reserve, Queensland In its current configuration, the footbridges are not expected to provide adequate protection from the elements, and are unlikely to provide a sufficient safety margin.

As such, it is expected that the footpads will have to be constructed at a later date.

Residents who have been displaced by the closure of the Goldenfields Gold Trails, have expressed concern that the closure will negatively impact on their local economy.

According to the Queensland Goldfells Association, the closure affects about 70 businesses and residents.

This includes the Gold Mines Association, Goldfields Chamber of Commerce and Goldfields Council of Towns and Country.

The association also stated that it will consider the residents wishes and make a final decision in the coming months.

When will the new Goldfresses trail be built?

In 2020, the government plans to install a new footbridge across the Goldford River at the Goldwater Park and then install a footpath over the river.

It is hoped that the new trail will be able to provide safe access for visitors to the park and the area surrounding it.

How can I help?

To help make a difference in the lives of Goldfields locals, and to keep Goldfields the Gold of Queensland, consider volunteering with the Goldworks Project.

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Read more about the Gold Mountains National Park in Goldfills National Park, Queensland.

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