How to get gold from a Facebook goldmine – What you need to know

In February, Facebook began selling goldmines that had been mined in Mongolia, Russia and China.

Facebook, which has said it is “not an investment vehicle”, was buying the goldminers’ shares, which were worth around $30,000 each.

The goldminer’s shares were not listed on the company’s website.

The goldmine is a private company, so it cannot be bought or sold.

Goldmines have become popular with wealthy people and celebrities.

The mining boom was popular among people with wealth and access to information, with the goldmine being a prime example.

The new mining company is owned by Mr Zumaya, a Chinese billionaire who is worth more than $1 billion.

Facebook bought shares in the new mining group.

Facebook said in a statement that the goldmining mining company would be able to “develop and scale up the production and distribution of gold and silver bullion and bullion products in Asia”.

The new company will be controlled by Mr Yang, who is also an investor in Facebook.

In February, a Facebook executive said that the company was buying shares in goldmining company.

Mr Yang and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been at odds with each other in recent years, and Facebook said it would suspend Mr Yang’s investor privileges.

The CEO said last year that he was “proud” of his company’s record in producing the first 100,000 gold bars, which had been bought by Mr Zuckerberg’s father.

But the two have clashed on other issues, including Mr Zuckerberg accusing Facebook of blocking users from accessing a video of Mr Yang.

On the eve of the new Facebook mining company’s IPO, Facebook had a public spat with the government of Mongolia, which blocked a video that Mr Yang posted online in which he criticised the country’s authoritarian government.

“I want to tell you that we are all Mongoliaers,” Mr Yang said, according to the video.

“And Mongolia’s the one country in the world that is actually a democracy, and that’s what I want to say.”

Mr Zuckerberg’s post came a day after Facebook’s shares slumped by almost 10 per cent, which was the biggest drop since the start of 2017.

Zuckerbergs own Facebook was forced to pull ads from Facebook and YouTube after the company censored a video in which Mr Yang criticised Mongolia’s government.

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