‘The Viva Goldmine’ – A ‘fantastic’ new app for gold and diamond buyers

“A real gold and silver prospector is the best asset to own, with the ability to discover new gold, silver and diamonds that have been overlooked by your own investors and precious metals dealers,” the company said in a statement.

“Your investment is worth more than the price of your investment, and it will be yours forever.”

The app allows users to search for gold or silver coins, and then view their holdings in real-time.

The app is currently available in the United States and Canada, with more countries expected to be added in the coming months.

The gold and stone prospector app has been downloaded by more than 500,000 people, according to its developer.

“Viva GoldMine was created to allow users to discover and buy precious metals and diamonds without the hassle of digging through the gold market,” Mr Wahlberg said.

“Our mission is to provide an unbiased and easy-to-use gold and precious metal prospecting tool that is trusted by investors, precious metals enthusiasts and gold dealers alike.”

The company said it was one of the first to launch a GoldMine app in Australia.

GoldMine is one of two Goldmine apps launched in Australia in the last year, according a spokesperson.

It has also released a gold-themed app for iPhone and Android, and launched a website that sells gold jewelry.

Mr Weltberg has previously described the app as a “fantastised” and “super-trendy” idea, and said the gold price had increased by 70 per cent in the past year.

“We’re constantly evolving, constantly learning, constantly building and expanding GoldMine,” he said.

Goldmine has been in the spotlight over the past few months, with some claiming it has been linked to a series of fake news stories.

In December, a video appeared to show Mr Welsberg selling a diamond at a market stall, and he has also previously claimed he was paid $1 million for a diamond from a woman who claimed to have a gold ring.

Mr Willetson also recently claimed he had sold diamonds to a gold prospector in Dubai.

Gold mine owner Mark Wahlberger said the app would help users buy gold, but added he was unsure whether it would attract more people to the gold mining industry.

“It will help the Australian market, but it’s a long way off,” Mr Willett said.

He said he hoped GoldMine would help the industry grow, but the gold and mining sector was “one of the hardest-hit industries in the world”.

Mr Willet said the GoldMine App was a “very important investment for our company and for our industry”.

He said GoldMine had been in Australia for a few years, and was hoping to open a Gold Mine in Australia and expand into Asia.

“The GoldMine has been a great success, and we’ve been very fortunate to have this opportunity to help other GoldMine users,” he added.

GoldMiner said it had received more than 100,000 new customer inquiries since launching the app in December.

“GoldMiner is proud to partner with the world’s most recognised gold prospecting and appraisal company, GoldMine, to bring this gold prospective app to Australia,” the app’s official website said.

Mr Mark Weltenberg said the company would continue to add to the GoldMines app, which it had been working on for three years.

“In the next few years we will launch an expansion of our GoldMine online app, to include GoldMino’s GoldMinder app, GoldMine Plus and GoldMina, as well as GoldMining Goldmine, the Gold Mine app for iPhones and Android devices, Gold Mine Platinum and GoldMine Platinum Plus,” Mr Mark said.

The company will also launch a new app called GoldMine Gold.

Mr GoldMint said it would be releasing an app for the iPhone and iPad in the next couple of weeks, as it was still developing.

Gold Mine Gold and Goldmine Platinum apps will be available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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