Jy Goldmine: The world’s largest diamond producer in one of the world’s biggest mines

JyGoldmine is one of India’s largest mining companies, with more than half a million workers, and one of its biggest shareholders, a private equity firm, is also one of Jy’s top investors.

It has a strong presence in India’s diamond industry, having made deals with the government and government-owned mines to expand its mines and produce diamonds in the country.

Jy owns mines in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, and it has a significant presence in South Asia.

But it has been a slow growth business for years, as its mines in China have been severely impacted by the country’s ongoing crackdown on illegal mining.

JymGoldmine has been heavily criticised by rights groups and human rights groups for its poor treatment of its workers, including child labour and rape, in China.

“We don’t see a lot of investment in India and this is a real problem,” said Arjun Makhijani, a human rights activist.

“Jy has not been doing a good job in the last 10 years.

I don’t think we are going to see any investment for this company,” he added.

“But it is clear that there are people who are not doing anything and who have got money from Jy.”

Jy is also a major investor in the Indian mining company Dabur, which was bought by the United States in 2013.

In December 2015, Jy bought Daburs stake in its subsidiary, the Indian Minerals and Metals Corp, which is currently in a state of transition.

“This will not change the situation,” said Makhajani.

A spokesman for Jy said the company had made no announcements about any investment in Dabar. “

They will be there for the next 10 to 20 years, and this will be the only way we will get a better situation.”

A spokesman for Jy said the company had made no announcements about any investment in Dabar.

“Dabar has been an active investor in Jy, including in the past few years, for many years,” the spokesman said.

“Its future is in Jys hands and not in the hands of Dabars owners.”

Human rights activist Arjun Jain, whose daughter was raped and beaten up by Dabara workers, said it was shocking to see Jy have a stake in a company accused of human rights violations.

“I am angry.

I want to know how can this happen?” he said.

Human Rights Watch said Jy was complicit in the exploitation of workers and had failed to investigate its workers’ allegations of forced labour.

The Indian government had promised to investigate allegations of labour exploitation in the Jy mines.

“The Jy-owned Dabira mines are being used for the mining of diamond in China,” said Jain.

“These mines are under the control of the Chinese government and there is no investigation.

The authorities need to do a lot more to protect these workers.”

Human Rights Law Watch called on Jy to investigate all allegations of abuse against workers and investigate its employees and those who were employed by it.

“Any company that takes a position of investment or ownership in a labour exploitation business must have a human right policy to investigate and bring those responsible to justice,” said Shadi Hamid, Asia director at Human Rights Legal Centre.

“Companies should have to provide all workers with safe working conditions and to provide a safe working environment.”

Human Right Watch also said that despite the fact that the Jym and Dabada mines were jointly owned by the Indian government, Jym Goldmine and Dabs had no obligation to investigate the allegations of child labour or rape.

“Investors should not have any role in any mining company that uses child labour,” said Hamid.

Jyr Goldmine, which had been awarded a US$1.5 billion contract in 2015 to produce diamonds at Jy India’s Dabab mine, is being investigated by the US government’s Bureau of Mines and Geosciences for alleged human rights abuses, including the use of children for mining.

“Human rights are fundamental to Jy and we must fight for them in the mining industry,” said the Jyr spokesperson.

“Our commitment to the safety of our workers and to the protection of our children is at the heart of our company ethos.”

Jym’s spokesman said it would not comment on the investigations of the mines.

The JyMine workers’ rights organisation said that “there are not any laws protecting children working in the mines, no one has taken any action to investigate or to stop them, and the government has ignored these complaints.”

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