How to build a goldmine in less than three months

Gold mining is booming in northern Queensland, with the number of goldminers in the region set to double in the next few years.

The Queensland Goldfields has already seen more than 1,300 goldmines in operation, and a further 350 more are being developed by more than 70 companies.

The mining boom has been fuelled by a rise in interest in gold mining, as well as the growing popularity of online gold trading sites.

But it has also been fuelled in part by the state’s strict environmental regulations.

Under the Goldfields Mining Management Plan, which was put in place in December 2018, all new goldmining operations must be in a region with no more than 5.2 square kilometres of forest, and no more that 500 hectares of cropland.

But the plan only applies to mining projects that are within the Goldfield Regional Development Area (GRAD), which covers about 25,000 hectares.”GRAD has been a key driver for this boom in goldmining in Northern Queensland, particularly the Goldcrest Goldmines,” said Goldcreek Goldmine CEO Peter Lacey.

“The Goldcremies, in particular, have had an incredibly successful gold mine in the area.”

The Goldfields Goldmine was one of the first goldminters in the state to be granted a licence in 2014.

Mr Lacey said the new plan would allow new projects to be developed without the need for an environmental assessment, and that they would not need to follow the strict regulations set by the previous plan.

“We have no concerns about them being able to build their projects,” he said.

“They are only limited by the local environment, which is the Goldbelt, which they are very keen on.”

But environmental groups have welcomed the plan as a significant step towards the closure of the Goldmine, which has been operating for almost 30 years.

“This is an important step towards protecting the Goldbarn Goldminers from being forced to leave the Goldfords, and protecting a beautiful landscape for future generations to enjoy,” Queensland Greens environment spokeswoman Kate Ellis said.

The plan comes as the Gold Mines Environmental Management Plan is expected to be introduced into the Queensland Legislative Assembly next month.

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